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Day 17  Shimonoseki Christian Center

In 2003 God blessed Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church with another wonderful facility near downtown Shimonoseki and the city’s main train station.  The city’s largest bank offered the church a two-million dollar building for almost a fourth of the price.  The building has been remolded into a worship/training center.  Today, pray that God would put on the hearts of various people, churches, and foundations the desire to spur on the work in Shimonoseki by paying off the $600,000  for the building and also the $150,000 covering all the remodeling expenses on what used to be a bank building.

Today’s Church: Shimonoseki Church (Tanaka area) Pastor Miwa, belongs to the UCC (see p. 3 article), this church (see picture at top of page) is strongly opposed to our church and its evangelistic efforts; Pastor Miwa leads the Shimonoseki pastors meeting & has influence in the politics of Baiko’s schools.

Today’s False Teacher: Akama Shrine, Shimonoseki’s most famous shrine is the center of worship for a dead child prince.  The ladies of his court in 1185 AD became prostitutes because he had lost the war.  They would annually worship him at this shrine.  Every May, a city-wide parade carries on this annual procession of idol worship