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Proposal for Supporting National Pastor Takayuki Asada

The purpose of this grant is to support a national worker, Mr. Takayuki Asada, so that he and his wife can broaden and maximize the evangelistic and discipleship efforts of Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church in the Shimonoseki City region. Takayuki Asada was born in Shimonoseki City and led to Christ as a teenager by Pastor Tony Haug. After finishing high school, he entered Liberty University to study business; however, during his second year of study he sensed God's call to return to Shimonoseki and serve full-time in ministry. After graduating from Liberty University he went onto to acquire a masters degree in Biblical studies from Capital Bible Seminary with the support of his home church, Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church.

In 2005, Takayuki returned to Shimonoseki with his bride, Aki, to begin a three-year internship in the church. Throughout his internship, Takayuki, has proven himself faithful and gifted in Bible teaching and in discipling and training both youth and adults. He has been responsible for several ministry programs in the church as well as being the "pastor-on-location" in the church's newest facility, the Shimonoseki Christian Center. He is having to work part-time as the office manager of the church's English language school and his wife is regularly teaching private English students to provide the income needed during his internship period. Now as he completes his three-year internship, the church desires for Takayuki to continue his full-time ministry. He is scheduled to be officially ordained for the ministry and is expecting his first child this coming fall.

As a full-time salaried national worker, Pastor Takayuki would be able to devote his time and energies to discipling and training the church's youth and adults into reproducing disciples. Presently, he is leading a weekly evangelistic outreach to the one-hundred English language students who attend the church's classes, leading a monthly evangelistic international event that averages between to twenty and forty in attendance, and pastoring about thirteen people who gather each Sunday at the Christian Center. As the church targets all the people of Shimonoseki, he will be responsible for investing in these thirteen member's families helping them mature in their faith so that these families can target those who live in their communities. He will hold weekly Bible studies for discipleship and regular family-oriented events for evangelism as well as visiting families in their homes. Pastor Takayuki's goal is to see that in three years the number of believers who are meeting at the Christian Center have grown to at least forty. He will also seek to cultivate the ministries of the Shimonoseki Christian Center which is a great location for networking churches in a kingdom effort to reach the entire city. Over the next three years he will be responsible for organizing prayer and/or praise times for the Christians living in Shimonoseki. He will available to minister to pastors and Christians from other churches who come to the Christian Center's Christian bookstore. Finally, he will also assist Pastor Tony with following up those who respond to the mass-media evangelism project that is using FM radio and the internet to thoroughly saturate Shimonoseki and Japanese everywhere with the gospel.

The church's evangelism and training activities will, of course, continue until we have reached the majority of the people in our city, but this specific project of supporting a national worker has a goal of being completed in three years. Achieving that goal means that the church must be large enough to support this national worker without the assistance of grants. The funds received from the Mustard Seed Foundation will be used by the church to help support Takayuki Asada during this important phase of mass-media evangelism and discipleship. The church and friends of the church will also contribute to his support. The project will be evaluated by the number of reproducing disciples attending both church locations and the number of seekers from the mass-media evangelism project that were effectively followed-up.

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