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PIONEERS Shimonoseki: City-Wide Impact
Impact a City; Impact a Nation

It appears that  God is leading us on a journey which we have known from the beginning to be one where all that we can do is grab on to God's Hand and hang on as He directs and leads us along His path of "getting the Gospel to every creature." 
In 1989 we began Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church,  here in the Kawanaka community of this city of 260,000 people.  Fourteen years later, over 300 Japanese have professed Christ, with currently about ninety believers on average meeting each Sunday in Kawanaka and our center in a southern community of Shimonoseki called Hikoshima.  In addition, due to  schooling, job transfers, etc,  we have well over 100 people who were saved in this ministry and who are now living in different parts of Japan and other countries.  For years  several hundred Christian Japanese believers have been praying for God to enable them to reach all of Shimonoseki with the gospel.

The church received an unbelievable offer from the biggest bank in Shimonoseki.  They offered the church the opportunity to purchase their former head office along with its large parking lot.  This is a huge facility that is located in Shimonoseki's downtown business and shopping district and is within an eight minute walk from Shimonoseki's main train station. This location makes our ministry easily accessible to everyone in Shimonoseki but also to the more than 1.5  million Japanese in the next city of Kitakyushu.  The bank seriously pursued this deal  and made concession after concession for the church to sell them this two million dollar piece of property.  The final deal was the absurd price of  $500,000, no down payment, a low monthly payment of $1600 (along with some one time payments dispersed throughout a 25 year plan), delay on the first payment for 12 months, and the land and building set as the only security. 

The new ministry center  now houses a Christian bookstore, our large worship/evangelistic meeting hall, Bible training and outreach English classrooms, and guest apartment rooms. 
This truly is exciting knowing that God intends to fill this building with hundreds of worshippers and bring honor to his name and encouragement to his people in Shimonoseki and southwestern Japan.  We are thankful for the many who have prayed this miracle into existence and we look forward to how God continues to provide both the funds and the workers for His harvest.
Year 1989-First Services of Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church at a Sewing Factory
Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church 1999
Year 1999-Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church Family with their God-Provided Building and Land

Year 2003-Shimonoseki Christian Center reaches out into all of Shimonoseki and beyond

Please feel free to download the following portfolio that contains the history of what God has done in Shimonoseki and the vision for reaching the entire city.  The Shimonoseki Christian Center is only just one more step in the process of God's plans for this city.  Get an inside glimpse into some of the plans for church growth and the opportunities that have opened up for accomplishing the dream of impacting this entire city.  Download by clicking of the following link (please allow a few minutes for this large file):


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