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The Greatest Opportunity in 20 Years...

I, Pastor Tony, am getting ready to leave for the United States in just a few hours for what might be the most important trip I have made in the 20 years of ministry here in Shimonoseki. I sincerely desire your special prayers over the next few weeks as I will be bringing in message and video form the most terrific ministry opportunity that we have had to reach Shimonoseki in our entire ministry lives! God has miraculously through the years given us a great harvest of souls, and two tremendous ministry centers from which we conduct our ministries throughout Shimonoseki.

Recently, it has been obvious that God was leading us in even a further direction over the past few years as He has allowed us to begin a bookstore, Bible Institute, and Radio and Internet outreach! Now, God has now opened a door of opportunity that we feel we must follow through on.

A Christian lady who owns a large tract of land here in Northern Shimonoseki with a huge facility recently asked her church to help her sell it as she is in very bad health and is unable to continue using the campus for Christian work. Over the past few years she has invested almost $500,000 dollars in setting up the location to use as a day care center, and even as a hotel. Knowing of our vision to reach the entire city of Shimonoseki for Jesus Christ, the pastor contacted us and suggested that we meet her. As she told me of her failing health, service to God over the past eight years in using her own money and time to purchase, build, and outfit this facility, my heart leaped for joy as it occurred to me that this possibly was the very answer to prayer that I had been seeking for the last year.

Last year, it became obvious to me that we had the unique opportunity as a ministry to reach out to a great need for an evangelical Christian school that would be available to the children of this city. Education is by far the biggest theme in Japan, and on many occasions, our different outreaches are hampered by the time consuming dedication of the Japanese families to educating their children and the many activities that center around the school. It suddenly occurred to me that this enemy of the Gospel of ours could actually become a friend-partner of the Gospel; if we stepped out in faith and started a Christian School beginning with a kindergarten! The vision was given but there were no place, monies, or direction on where to start. Until, now! The owner and real estate group has, upon our request, granted us 4 months to purchase this land and facility which has already invested in it 500,000 dollars for the unbelievable price of $90,000 dollars. I believe this is God's provision for the vision he bestowed upon us to start a school here. There are many families
throughout the city who, if given the opportunity, would gladly pay for their children to attend a school with both Japanese and English curriculum.

Instead of hit and miss evangelistic opportunities, we would have almost daily contact with these children and their extended families. And the different educational meetings, parent conferences, school activities would turn into evangelistic opportunities.

Over the next few weeks, I will be presenting this wonderful opportunity to several churches, individuals, organizations that I hope will catch the vision and assist us in raising the needed monies. The window of opportunity is just 4 months. Please pray that over the next few weeks God will direct hearts and lead me to those He can use to put together the $90,000 purchase price and a remaining $35,000 for set up of the school. I will also be recruiting 2 teachers to assist us in starting the curriculum and classes. Please pray---and may God's Will be done!