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Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church: English Teaching Ministry

Support Package
Monthly Living Allowance
100,000 yen a month (see bottom of this page)
This allowance is paid by the Shimonoseki Christ Bible Church
 and makes up about 50% of your needed missionary allowance.  The other 50% you will need to raise through supporting churches.

Located at the new
Shimonoseki Christian Center in Shimonoseki where there are 
new dorm like facilities located in the same building as the English classrooms and located right in the middle of where it all happens in Shimonoseki, the business/shopping district and the main train station.  Couples, families, and extra teachers will be assisted by the church in locating a Japanese apartment.

International Health and Life Insurance
AETNA Health and Reliance Life as members of PIONEERS, Inc.

Holidays and Vacations (annually) 
Almost all Japanese national
holidays (10 days)
Two weeks in August and one to two weeks during the first week of January

On-the-Job Training in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Japanese
During a teacher's initial weeks in Japan, training will be provided which includes instruction and course material, example lessons, team-teaching and supervised lessons. Additional opportunities for training will be provided throughout the year.  In considering applicants we prefer those with previous training in TESL, TEFL or TESOL.
For more information on training opportunities visit this website.

PIONEERS, Inc. Missionary Organizational Services
Experienced in international affairs with more than 1,100 workers on 137 teams in 68 different nations among 94 un-reached people groups. This organization provides management of support accounts, group hospitalization and life insurance, public and church relations, passport and visa assistance, psychological testing, evaluation and counsel, and emergency assistance.
(not actual size)



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